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Community Giving at Rocking 'R' Guest Ranch
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Rocking 'R' Guest Ranch: Community Giving

Children's Wish FoundationLauren and Emily sold cookie dough and shaved their heads to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation. They raised $2500.00!!! The Rocking R Guest Ranch donated a hay ride and horseback riding to reward the girls for their fundraising efforts.

Hay Rides at the RanchFriends collaborate to raise money for charityCharity Fundraiser at the Ranch

Emily's Auntie Rochelle came along too and took her turn driving the draft horse team.
Shae, Taylor, Sarah and Kurtis were there to enjoy the day too.


Others we have supported in the last year:
United Way
United Way of Calgary and Area
The Lions Club of Strathmore
The Lions Club of Strathmore
Wheatland Community Crisis Shelter
Wheatland Community Crisis Shelter
Canadian Humanitarian
Canadian Humanitarian
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